Website Maintenance

Something to consider…

You’re ready! It’s time to get your business on the internet! Turns out people are only using the yellow pages as a step stool. You’re excited. You dive in, hire a web designer and it’s go time.

Site’s done. You pay. Part ways.

Now what?

Your site NEEDS upkeep. And not just writing a blog now and then. WordPress has regular updates, for the actual system and for any plugins you may have installed (such as newsletter sign ups, gallery slideshows, calendars, etc.) It’s as simple as clicking “Install Updates”. HOWEVER, sometimes when you run updates, some of your other add-ons don’t like it. Things need tweaking, re-installed, fixed.

When your designer offers to maintain and keep your site at the top of it’s game, consider it. Keep that relationship open. I’ve already talked to so many people who have lost touch of the person who created their site, and their site is a mess. Features not working and the site is becoming more and more unprofessional in appearance and functionality.

Consider updating your content on a regular basis as well…if not monthly, seasonally. Commit to 4 updates a year to start. Keeping your site fresh and updated puts your website dollars to the best use. Monthly or seasonal updates to your site will keep it from becoming stale and ineffective.

Website Maintenance…as important as brushing your teeth. Necessary monthly or at least quarterly 😛

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