GAWWWWWD am I struggling with this lately! I used to be really good at it. I think?


  • Work…I’m trying to build a business here, I need hours, lots more hours if I want to get bigger. and better. and take over the world. More hours that don’t take away from the rest of this list. And more hours with FREAKIN DEPENDABLE INTERNET (<—that’s a whole other, somewhat bitter, blog)

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Things I think about while I’m on hold….

You know what I can’t wrap my head around – people who get worked up over twitter follows or facebook friends.

Do I care if someone unfollowed me on Twitter or unfriended me on Facebook?

Um…NO! 99% of the time I wouldn’t even notice. (How DO people know the second you unfollow and WHY are they keeping track?)
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Superstitious? or just plain Weird?

I’ve noticed lately I have some weird habits…superstitions…whatever you want to call it.

For instance…
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Sharing the Road with Cyclists. Teach me.

Do NOT rip me a new one for posting this.

I hate cyclists on the streets.

WHY? Because I have no freakin clue how to treat them! I took Drivers Ed a bazillion years ago and I grew up in the country. No one was riding their bikes in the city and if they were, they were on the side walks.
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Angry Birds & Hot Yoga

Ok…couple weeks into Hot Yoga and I had the BEST practise on Saturday! (practise…see? I’m doing yoga-speak already) Getting familiar with all the moves and it feels sooooo good. My body is acclimatized to the heat so I don’t even feel like my head is going to explode in to a million pieces any more. Love, love, love the hot yoga.
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Veteran Voices of Canada

Ok…I know I ALWAYS get giddy about my new projects. Cilantro & Chive…my first paying gig & a new restaurant!…Yummy Custom Cakes…because, HELLO, it’s cupcakes and I got to do pink website!…Certified Tax & Accounting because she let me go outside a boring old accounting website like every accounting firm has and be unique….Farion Acoustical Architecture Inc. because I was intrigued by his work…guy did a study on reducing the noise in hockey arenas when the puck hits the boards, who’d have thought people do this kind of work?…Work&Life/Balanced because it was a clean site (my favourite kind!) and Keri was the most easy going client EVER!…and my 4 other sites in the wings that I can’t talk about yet. Each exciting for totally different reasons.
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