Why I unfollowed over 1,000 people on Twitter

First off, I realize how ridiculous that number is. WHY do I even follow that many people and then some? HOLY.  I absolutely do not need to hear from over 3,000 people on the daily. So I sat down and unfollowed so much I couldn’t stop.

How did following 3,500 people happen? I was obsessed with learning all things social media. I followed all the big influencers, all the experts, all the I KNOW THE WAY people. I was drowning in information.

Too much noise. TOO MUCH. I had a Central Alberta list I would primarily follow, but then what was the point of the other 1,500 people? For numbers? To look all that?


I’m not all that, lol. And I’m tired of all the noise. All the experts. All the opinions. All the American politics. All of it. There are benefits to social media but when it starts getting into your head it’s time to turn it down. Unfollow. Unfriend. Hide from feed. Click To Tweet

It’s not a requirement that you follow a certain number of people, or your Aunt Helen, or everyone in the community. Do what feels good, social media shouldn’t make you feel shitty, save that for eating an entire family sized bag of M&Ms in one sitting. (<—I may have just done that)

I want my Central Alberta peeps. I want to look to twitter for shooting the shit, getting to know people, finding out about new businesses and building them up. I want to know what’s happening in Red Deer, Lacombe, Blackfalds and the bigger centres. Because twitter is the absolute best for ideas of places to explore. News, some inspiration, and some industry accounts. That’s all I’m letting in.

Admittedly, it took more time than I care to admit, but this website: Manageflitter sure sped up the process. I had a lot of inactive accounts that it was nice to clear out too. Check it out if it’s time for some social purging in your world.

Just don’t unfollow me. 😉