Brand Consistency = Brand Recognition

I have a pet peeve. Well, I probably have lots of pet peeves, but one I’m thinking about right now is something I think people can easily start working on, no matter what their capacity is for marketing.

Look at your social feeds: Instagram specifically if you use it.
Look at your marketing material: business cards, signage, brochures, etc.

  • Do you have 742 different colours?
  • 61 different fonts?
  • 14 different font weights?
  • 22 different imaging styles: memes, to professional headshots and product shots, to blurry poor quality pictures?

What is happening there? Why are you all over the map?

While I’m not a huge fan of highly curated social media content, where everything is perfect and the same and ya, just SO perfect, I am a HUGE fan of keeping your brand recognizable. Your social media and marketing material should tie into your website visually. Rather than thinking of your marketing channels as total separate entities, think of them as extensions of each other. Try to keep with the same font, and incorporate the same colours as used on your site. Compliment each other. Consider them the best of friends. Don’t send someone from your social to your website and have them feel like they just walked into a different home. It’s confusing. And the last thing you want for your site visitors to be, is confused.

Even if they aren’t confused, they won’t remember you because the next time you show up on their feed, there will be no visual recognition to the site they were just on.

This goes for print too. Do your brochures, signage, and correspondence have the same look and feel as your site?

If you take nothing else from this post, take this and tuck it into that corner of your brain that you use when creating content or marketing material:

Brand Consistency = Brand Recognition

Now. Let’s say you don’t know your font. Or the hex codes for the colours used on your site. That’s nothing to be embarrassed by, I can help you out! Just shoot me your name, email, and link to your website, and I’ll send you your font names, sizes, font weight, and colour codes.


So there goes that excuse 😉

Unless…you hate your site and don’t want your marketing to look anything like it. Then that’s a whole new conversation we should have.


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