Top personality trait of a web designer

The cool thing about hiring me as your web designer is you don’t need to know where to start. I’ll tell you.

In my old life at a civil engineering firm, I got paid to nag. PAID. TO. NAG. Tell me that isn’t a job you’ve dreamed of.

10 years of earning a paycheque from nagging Project Managers to follow procedures, do this, do that and it kind of just gets ingrained in you, you know?

All you need to do is make the first connection. Here on my website, or via phone. From there I will walk you through all the next steps which typically look like this.

1. Review quote
2. Agree to quote, sign contract and pay 40% deposit
3. Compile allllll the things I ask for, this will include logins (if you already have a domain and/or hosting and a website), images (if you are providing), and content (if you are providing)

Then I totally take it from there, you just sit back, have a coffee and do what you do best – run your business. I’ll send you draft 1 and you’ll review it with a fine toothed comb and give me allllll the changes you’d like to see. I do them.

And repeat, two more times.

We launch.

You settle up the bill.

I send you the Project Hand-off document which includes all the details of your site – versions of WordPress and the theme, colour codes used, fonts used, image sizes used.

AND a manual so you are equipped to do your own content updates!

So now we have that dealt with, you know exactly where to start and I’ll leave it in your hands.