New Year, New Me?

If there is one thing 2020 has taught me is that I’m up for a challenge. If anything I think 2020 was definitely a new year, new me, because I didn’t have a choice! 2020 pushed me into the new whether I was ready or not. (protip: you are never ready)


I finally took the time to focus on my business and make plans to do things a little more strategically and to stop recreating work. There has definitely been some business take-aways from this year, and I’m one of the lucky ones in this time of uncertainty for sure. As with everyone, the end of the year brings reflection, and I’m no different.

So here we go, a look back on 2020…I spent a lot of time on my business. On MY business. Anyone who works for themselves knows this doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.

  • Wrote out my processes, with every single step. Created some email templates that I can use for inquiries and a few other communications that I do repeatedly.
  • Wrote out step by step how I do maintenance on my sites. This has proven to be well worth my time as now my virtual assistant can take over this task as needed.
  • Created a standard pdf manual for Unlimited BS clients with screenshots and step by step instruction so they are empowered to do their own content updates, change out imaging, etc. I used to create a brand new manual for EVERY. SINGLE. PROJECT.  Time savings on this is huge.
  • Created a Project Handoff document. I used to just send an email with project details, now it’s a package, it looks professional, and is just better.
  • Created a new logo. Because with the work I put into my business, I needed to step up my visuals a bit to meet that. Still my brand. Still BS. Just up-levelled.
  • Created content. A lot of content. For my site and social accounts.
  • Created a newsletter!
  • Created a new Instagram account for Unlimited BS Web Design strictly for business, and maybe the occasional pic of my pets.

  • Did some online training on social media messaging. Narrowed down my three pillars of content to Web Design, Entrepreneurship, and Processes.
  • Created a Pinterest board, not sure the benefit or need for this yet, but so far it has acted as a bit of bookmark for my favourite tools and resources.
  • Celebrated 9 years of business with a well received 9 days of giveaways on Instagram – so fun!
  • Ended the year with a new opportunity and am excited for where it will lead me. (vague-blogging)

Were there downsides? Oh hell ya. It was an emotional, draining year of uncertainty and unprecedented family time, haha!

  • I struggled with creativity, harder than the usual rollercoaster of this business. Made me be late on deadlines and I hate that. Lesson for me here is to get better at planning and setting deadlines in times of stress.
  • I burned out on my content after my 9 days of giveaways on Instagram (protip: running contests is time consuming!) and lost my consistency of posting. ugh.
  • I still haven’t mastered a balance of marketing. I focused so hard on it, then got lots of work, and now don’t have time to keep it up!? I think I have to commit to less social, and amp up as needed. Jury is still out on that one as I don’t want to market for more work that I can’t take on? Any insight on this is appreciated, if you’ve struggled with this too and found a happy medium, please let me know?

On a personal note, I watched all of Netflix.

BUT… I also enrolled in an Anti-Racism course that is amazing. I’m learning so much and am committed to being a better human in any way I can be.

And the biggest highlight for me personally in 2020 was being asked to sit on the board for Ubuntu – Mobilizing Central Alberta and attending our first meeting. I am so beyond thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait for the opportunity to get to know each other better, the vibe of the group was palpable.

So will 2021 be a new year, new me?

I hope so.