Builds Character or Puts Hair on your Chest or Something

I worked at Willy’s Hamburgers out on Gasoline Alley for 2 years. I always felt somewhat demeaned by that. I was in my 20s and working in a fast food restaurant.

I busted my ass at that job. Seriously. It would be crazy busy there in the summer and you were literally ran off your feet for 8-10 hours a day. Ya it was a fast food joint, but I liked the “regulars” that came in for breakfast every morning, the really rammy miserable dude that treated me like crap until I stood up to him and he smiled like I FINALLY got it, and my co-workers… Except for that chick who used to make up totally off-the-wall bs stories about horses eating at the table and stuff. She was too odd, even for me.

I’m always super defensive when someone makes a rude remark about a fast food worker or disrespects them because you know what? My bet is that some of them bust their ass at their job 10 times more than you do at yours.

So be nice, your choice of work is no better than the next guy’s.

Listen. Acknowledge. Save the Crazytown

I used to work for Fluor during the Joffre 2000 Projects. There I met a man who taught me more than any person I’ve ever met. I don’t think he knows that.

The job was in Labour Relations. He was the manager and he hired me as his assistant. He was SMART. And not annoying smart (you know the type) but socially smart. Always friendly, always REALLY listened – stopped what he was doing and focussed on what you were saying, and always genuine in his responses. Always. But not a pushover. If you were an ass, he’d make you aware of it. But not in a passive aggressive way, in a direct concise way. No bullshit, no beating around the bush.

We’d have a job steward come in, sit for an hour to get to see him, only to put in a complaint that there was no lemon pie in the Camp Kitchen. OMG. My first EMOTIONAL response was always “Are you frickin kidding me? Get your ass out there and get to work and be grateful you get pie at all you lazy ass”… or something like that 😉

Not my boss, he would listen. He would understand that these men were away from their families for considerable lengths of time. They missed their kids, they missed being cared for by their spouses. He acknowledged their complaints. Which is all they really wanted. Someone to listen and acknowledge them. He never was quick to the emotional off-the-top response…he always took time to consider where they were coming from. Amazing talent. Needless to say, I’m crazy jealous of that talent and whenever I find myself going crazytown over something that REALLY isn’t that big of a deal, I try to remind myself of his awesomeness.

Stay calm. Breath. Listen. React. And if someone’s an ass, tell them straight up 🙂

Thank you Mark McCullough for the impact you’ve had on my world.



Working for yourself is the shit. WHY did no one tell me this before??? I LOVE my job. Creating a platform for local businesses to show their goods is a huge honour and each time I’m given it, I’m more excited about this path.

Yesterday I met with a potential Client and we were discussing our previous jobs and the lack of fulfillment that comes over time. We both jumped ship and made major changes to our worlds so we could follow our passion – for ourselves, and for our families.

I thought about it probably a year. My old job paid well, they were crazy flexible around my schedule, my boss was awesome, my co-workers were my friends, and I knew it inside and out. Easy peasy. BUT I felt like I was in a coma! No BS! It was I was in a fog while I was there, just not feeling it at all, stopped caring about going above and beyond and just plugged away. That is NOT me. I have to care, I have to work hard, I have to impress. I have to learn. I have to be challenged.

If you’ve had enough, are bored senseless and have a goal you want to pursue. DO IT! Yes, your life will be crazytown until things settle (they do eventually settle right?) but it will be SOOOOO worth it. And being scared again makes you feel alive 🙂


On-Line Connections: Weird, but Real

I got some sad news today. Trying to explain my connection to a woman I’d never actually met to my husband was futile.

In 2004 I started blogging on MSN Spaces. There was a group of us who got close. We read each others’ blogs every day, we commented, we followed one another through marriages, divorces, kids, career changes, and sadly…through death.

After MSN Spaces changed to MSN Live or something…we all kind of drifted away, it wasn’t the same. BUT, it wasn’t for long. We are all friends on facebook now and still keep up with each other’s lives. I know this is weird to some. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve been “connected” to these people for 8 years now. We’ve talked a lot today on facebook about the news we all got this morning.

Sad news is that one of our original bloggers, Lorene Angele passed away. I’m saddened for her  beautiful children that she was so very proud of. Love to you Lorene, whereever you are.

Rock on sista…

Cilantro & Chive

Tonight I’m going on a date!!! Don’t get too excited, it’s with my husband. bahahahah! kidding!

We are going to Cilantro & Chive. One of my first Clients. Here’s the thing with me, I tend to get attached to people. Not stalker attached, but attached. Since meeting Rieley and Kim I just liked them. We have mutual friends but we never knew one another until they hired me to build them a website. Starting a new business is crazy exciting, and when I went to check out their digs during their set-up, you could feel the anticipation. awesome. I love that feeling.

Since then, I went to their Grand Opening night with 2 of my good friends. I was nervous for them, I wanted to love their restaurant. YES!! I did!! YAY!! Food was wicked good, service was awesome, and it was just all in all a feeling of “I know these guys are gonna rock it”. Huge props to them for taking their successful catering company and turning it into a ballin’ restaurant. (ballin’ is Rieley’s word, I had to use it at least once)

Don’t be afraid to hire me. I won’t creepy attach to will be a from afar admiration. promise 😉

Website Maintenance

Something to consider…

You’re ready! It’s time to get your business on the internet! Turns out people are only using the yellow pages as a step stool. You’re excited. You dive in, hire a web designer and it’s go time.

Site’s done. You pay. Part ways.

Now what?

Your site NEEDS upkeep. And not just writing a blog now and then. WordPress has regular updates, for the actual system and for any plugins you may have installed (such as newsletter sign ups, gallery slideshows, calendars, etc.) It’s as simple as clicking “Install Updates”. HOWEVER, sometimes when you run updates, some of your other add-ons don’t like it. Things need tweaking, re-installed, fixed.

When your designer offers to maintain and keep your site at the top of it’s game, consider it. Keep that relationship open. I’ve already talked to so many people who have lost touch of the person who created their site, and their site is a mess. Features not working and the site is becoming more and more unprofessional in appearance and functionality.

Consider updating your content on a regular basis as well…if not monthly, seasonally. Commit to 4 updates a year to start. Keeping your site fresh and updated puts your website dollars to the best use. Monthly or seasonal updates to your site will keep it from becoming stale and ineffective.

Website Maintenance…as important as brushing your teeth. Necessary monthly or at least quarterly 😛

Goat’s Stomach

My dad had surgery for a hernia when I was probably 4 or 5 years old. It left a HUGE scar on his belly. He always told us kids that he had to have part of his stomach removed and they replaced it with a goat’s stomach. He was dead serious and stuck to his story for year. YEARS.

My dad is the original no BS. He tells it like it is and never beats around the bush or lies. Teases, yes. Lies, no. So I believed him. Of course!

Fast forward…college years…drinking with a group of friends and I share that my dad has part goat’s stomach. They laugh at me. A LOT. huh. I’m pissed they don’t believe me. Call my dad. I’m 19 years old and I’m calling my dad to prove that he has a goat’s stomach to all my drunk friends.

My dad doesn’t have a goat’s stomach.

This blog is for any of you out there that believe everything your parents tell you. Parents lie. I’m going to go tell my son right now that I have a lizard in my ear and every time he doesn’t listen to me it eats another chunk of my brain. Take that.

Cheapest Marketing Tool EVER!

Non-tweeters mock Twitter. Endlessly mock twitter. And sometimes it’s hard to defend despite the fact that I know the return on investment (which is nothing but my time) is freakin awesome.

Common twitter criticisms include…narcissistic, time suck, who wants to know if you ate 14 brownies in one sitting…all that.

ya, ya.  I get it, and I agree. It is all of that. BUT…it’s how I’ve built my business so far. This past week every quote I’ve sent has been through contacts on twitter, or referrals from people I’ve met on twitter. And how much in marketing dollars has it cost me? zero. zippo. zilch.

What was that you were saying about it being a waste of time?

Mock if you will. It works.


Men·tor – noun

1. a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

I have a really fabulous mentor. A fellow nerd if you will. He has given me a wealth of info coming from a place of experience, knowledge and understanding. Love that I have someone in the industry that knows their shit and freely gives it to me in exchange for a cupcake or some chickpeas now and then. That is AWESOME.

If you’re just starting out like me, find someone you can trust and someone who knows their way around the cage. Ask for help. Ask for advice. It’s benefits are immeasurable.

To my wise and trusted counsellor, thank you for continually letting me pick at your awesome brain. If I could knit, I would make you this toque.