Are you taking EVERYTHING? Stop that.

Here’s what I know today.

Social Media has given everyone and their dog a platform to tell you what to do and how to do it. It can make your head spin and I’ve got caught up in it way too many times to count. “I should do that! I should try this. WHOA I can quadruple my income? SIGN ME UP!”

Every day there is an article on when to post, what to post, what to do, what not to do, and countless self proclaimed experts telling you you’re doing it wrong. Even shaming you so you throw in the towel because you don’t want to look like the idiot they are making you feel like.

SO many tweets bitching about people cross posting. (Posting/linking to Instagram or Facebook from twitter) While I 100% agree it’s a bit annoying, does it really affect me? Nope. Scroll on by. Unless you want to privately help that person understand why maybe it’s not the best idea for their followers, maybe just shut up. Scroll on by.

Is my blog advice? Sure, maybe to some. But I’d like to make it perfectly clear, all I have to offer is what worked for me, and what I’ve seen work for others. I’m a big believer in never taking ALL the advice you are given. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Accept that we’re all really just sharing what worked for us, what research has shown in a snapshot of time, what the stats are, or whatever the case may be. Who says you aren’t the one to blow those stats out of the water? RIGHT? You could totally be that person.

We’re all unique. And how we want to share our message is unique. Don’t be crammed into a rigid DO THIS NOT THAT plan, pay attention to what your audience is responding to, and let that guide you.

Take what you need and leave the rest. Click To Tweet


Unless it’s chocolate…take all of it.



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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Ha ha ha, the Twitter Police crack me up with their Instagram and Facebook link hate groups.

    I’m convinced the only reason for the hate is because those links and pics don’t display inline on the the gold ok Twitter timeline. Poor elitist lazy ass Twitter users find it OH so inconvenient to click a link to see content.

    There was a time Instagram and Twitter got along. Those images Would display on the feed. Then Facebook bought Instagram, good bye pics bitches, now we shall force you to load your selfie separately , why make it convenient to share the same photo with Grandma who’s only on FB, my circle on IG, and people who I lead on Twitter called Followers.

    Suddenly a new faction emerged the Social media Platform Elitists. “Thou Shall NoT Decsecrete Thy Twitter with Other Social Media Apps! We are Social but not that Social.

    Strange, you know what I don’t see on Facebook is people complaining that I used Instagram to post a photo. Maybe because they are friendly

    • Brenda Sargeant
      Brenda Sargeant says:

      I truly feel like, who cares? Just keep scrolling. Although I do hate an auto-DM, so I guess we all have our things.

      I do however, LOVE this – “We are social but not THAT social”…I may need to steal that for a future blog post 😉 Thanks for your comment Patrick.


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