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Ok…I know I ALWAYS get giddy about my new projects. Cilantro & Chive…my first paying gig & a new restaurant!…Yummy Custom Cakes…because, HELLO, it’s cupcakes and I got to do pink website!…Certified Tax & Accounting because she let me go outside a boring old accounting website like every accounting firm has and be unique….Farion Acoustical Architecture Inc. because I was intrigued by his work…guy did a study on reducing the noise in hockey arenas when the puck hits the boards, who’d have thought people do this kind of work?…Work&Life/Balanced because it was a clean site (my favourite kind!) and Keri was the most easy going client EVER!…and my 4 other sites in the wings that I can’t talk about yet. Each exciting for totally different reasons.

All gave me a rush.


This one is exciting, as in CRAZY EXCITING! This project is wow. Thursday I met with Al Cameron, founder of Veteran Voices of Canada. He interviews Canadian war veterans and records them on video. People are telling stories never heard before. And perhaps never would have been heard EVER, had it not been for this initiative.

This is Important. This is History.

Now…if you know me, you know I know NOTHING about history. And yet I’m excited to promote, work and do what I can to advance this project in any way I can. Every once in a while something hits you and you just know it’s right. It’s important. It’s something that you HAVE to be a part of.

So, I will learn my history. Through this project and absorbing as much as Al’s brain as he can possibly share without losing his ability to function.

Tons more to share on this subject. Stay tuned…

And thanks out to the infamous Tim Day for hooking us up! I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Rosemary
    Rosemary says:

    My father, Stan Easson, although not in WWII, was in a plane crash in France in the early 1950 s, in a Sabre Fighter Jet. His story of courage and his never ending personal battles that he had to face always moved me. Unfortunately, my father passed away on March 1st. Of this year. We were always going to sit down and write his story, but time, like war always seems like the enemy! Now I find myself not only alone without my Dad, but I feel his story is gone, as well. I have often thought about packing up a suitcase and heading off to France, where Dad’s plane crashed for some much needed answers to my many questions.

    My Father won a scolarships to attend Royal Roads in Victoria, British Columbia and Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. I know that you are mostly interested in WWII Veterens, but, my Dad’s story has always been so interesting, I think I can somewhat relate to how our vets feel when they say they come home feeling “broken” When they were away with their squadrons, my Dad was mainly with his small group of three friends, life sure changed when his Sabre, F86 jet crashed in France, when he came home, he lost everything, friend’s, rank within the airforce, and his identidy, he always seemed “broken” somehow, he was in a wheelchair and was paraplegic.

    Since you were looking for these stories, I thought I would send you this. Another, romantic kind of twist to this story is that my Dad met my Mother at Sunny Brook Hospital in Toronto after his accident, as he went there for Rehabilitation and learned to walk on crutches. I hope that you might be interested in this story, it is a Vets story, but not during war time.


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