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Checking out your competition

Are you giving your competitors your time and attention? You should be. I think it’s wise to know and understand what they offer. Not so you can copy it…or even surpass it. But so you can differentiate what sets YOU apart. How are YOU different? The difference doesn’t have to be a reinvention of the wheel, it can be as […]

Hey Partner

I get that it’s hard to trust someone with  something as close to your heart as your business is. Especially when you feel so grey as to how to direct them so they can possibly understand your message…your brand. You’re not creative. You have no idea what your website should look like. All you really know […]

24/7 isn’t working for you.

Here’s the thing about being a solo entrepreneur. IT’S ALL YOU. Ever go to bed feeling spent? So frickin spent. Not just tired, but spent. Because you are stretched between work – attaining new clients, servicing old ones, learning new ways to market and life – momming, dadding, wifeing. You want adult time…but then shit. […]

Instagram & Small Business

I signed up for Instagram because a client of mine wanted it on their website so I figured I’d better check it out. My intention was to use it strictly for business. ALL BUSINESS ALL THE TIME. Here’s the thing. I can’t do that. Truly, I can’t. And I totally understand why as a small business owner you […]