You have your website, now what?

YAY!!! We launched your site! Watch the site visitors and clients come rolling in!

Slow down cowboy.

Launching a site does not automatically generate site visitors….I mean really, yesterday you weren’t on the internet and ping – all your potential customers get a notification you are now? Sorry friends, as wonderful as that would be, that is not a reality. You need to tell people you are out there! And not once, not twice, but on the regular. Tell them on Instagram, tell them on Facebook, tell them on LinkedIn. Yell it randomly in the streets. Update ALL your profiles everywhere on the world wide web to include a link to your site.

And as a side, ditch the www if you’ve hired me to do a site. It’s 2020 and we don’t need the www in front of your domain, it makes you look old, haha! For instance, I’d be sharing – not – see? I look 10 years younger already!

Think about these listings…

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Social Profiles
  • Organizations you are listed with, can you add your website to your profile now?
  • Marketing Material – your website should be on ALL your marketing material (without the www remember)

Your website is 100% your marketing toolkit, but it can’t market itself.

Consider running Facebook ads for your new site.

Blast it E V E R Y W H E R E.

Build it and they will come? Absolutely, but you still have to install the signs so they can find their way there ?.


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