You CAN do it

If you want to.

Want to go on holidays? Save your money.

Don’t have money to save? Take on a part time job. Save the money from it.

Want to be debt free? Change your lifestyle. Live smaller. Plan. One birthday my goal was to pay off all my debt (other than mortgage of course!) All year I cut back. I made payments no matter what came up. By my next birthday? SUCCESS!! Frickin awesome feeling.

Cut back. Don’t eat out. Don’t take on more debt. Cut back, cut back, cut back. Shop at Value Village (not even kidding, I’ve scored good stuff there). Plan. I am SO far from being good with my money, but I know that if you want it, you are the only one stopping yourself from getting it.

When I was 27 I built a house. BY MY SELF. I had just started a new job. I was single. It was HARD. It was one of the only strong gut feelings I’ve ever had in my life and I couldn’t ignore it even though I felt like I couldn’t afford it.

I COULD afford it. I just had to make a whole lot of changes. I worked FT plus overtime when I could get it and took on a PT job in the evenings, for 3 years. I struggled to make mortgage payments the first 3 years. Sometimes that meant an impromptu garage sale to make a quick buck so I could make my payment and sometimes it meant just staying home. Reading a book or watching one of my 2 channels. Cutting back.

Was it worth it?


There is always circumstances. For everyone. No one is immune. If you think you are an exception, you’re wrong. Sorry, but you are.

My point is if you put in the hours, you CAN make things happen. It won’t happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile ever does. For anyone.

Maybe it’s just that you REALLY don’t want it. Undecided? Flip a coin, once it’s in the air you’ll know what you’re hoping to see 😉

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  1. Coralie
    Coralie says:

    You are so right. If you want it, it is up to you to get it. A lot of people don’t realize that only thing/person standing in the way of whatever they want to achieve is them. If it is something you truly desire, YOU will make it happen.

    Oh and by the way. I remember talking to you about your house. It was part of what made me feel like I could do it too. Thanks for that.


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