Where you want to be?

Went to Hot Yoga this morning, it was FANTASTIC! I think this is the one exercise class I can do before noon.

Anyway…end of class, during Savasana (where you lay like a corpse and thank christ you are alive after sweating to near death) the yogi asked us 3 questions. We weren’t to search for an answer, just let it pop into your head.

First Question: What brings you the most happiness? BOOM! There is Jack.

Second Question: When do you feel most at peace with yourself? BOOM! At yoga.

Third Question: Are you where you want to be? BOOM! No. Followed by SHIT! That was the wrong answer!!! And there goes my yoga coma replaced by freaking out over my answer.

On the way home I kept thinking what is wrong with that answer? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I’m not where I want to be. There are 10,391 more things I want to do and be. I don’t think I could I ever answer that question any other way.

I will always be searching, learning, questioning, and challenging. Always. I’m happy that way. Crazy, but happy.

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