What I Know This Week

What a week…shit sandwiches being served up everywhere I turned. Luckily, I don’t DO shit sandwiches so I’ll be fine.

  • Mowing the lawn gives me a crazy sense of peace and accomplishment, I need more lawn.
  • Having your almost 4 year old tell you that you are cute is flattering, even if he tells his stuffy the same thing.
  • The people at the Ronald McDonald House are super nice, not annoying fake pretend nice, but sincerely, look you in the eye real nice. The best kind.
  • I’m tough. Not punch you in the throat tough, but mentally tough.
  • My feet are disgusting and I think someone should give me a pedicure without talking to me or looking me in the eye.
  • I’m goosebump teary-eyed proud of Crystal, Amanda, Diana, and Shannon for killing the Woody’s FULL and half marathon today. You guys are mental.
  • This week is going to be rewarding…launching 1, maybe 2 sites!

What do you know? Good week or shit sandwich?

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