What I Know This Week

  • Sometimes, SOMETIMES, my husband is right. I need more Vitamin D, being outside all day was a refreshing kickstart for my brain.
  • Getting more and more opportunities to work with non-profits makes me giddy. GIDDY.
  • I want someone to ask me about Ghana so I can relive it in stories.
  • I spent last night learning a LOT about Google Analytics & Google in general. That seriously excites this nerd.
  • It’s important to teach your child the correct name for their genitalia from Day 1 or hotdog eating is traumatic.
  • right before I’m finished a website, I get stumped on something and it makes me crazytown, then WHAM, there’s the answer. EVERY TIME.
  • I love Red Deer.

So, what do you got? Learn anything?

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