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Sometimes I just can’t figure stuff out. And then I stew over it. And then I write a blog post to air it out 😉

Things I don’t get…

Why isn’t funding for the Veteran Voices of Canada Project through the roof? Don’t organizations GET that these people are dying? VVoC are busting their ass (and wallet) to get these stories before the opportunity to do so, is gone. It’s IMPORTANT. It’s history. Don’t you want your children to know the human side to how this country became what it is today? Did you know VVoC donates DVDs of these interviews to schools, libraries and veterans? Now you know. Important stuff. We need to get behind this. Ask me how.

Other things I don’t get? Why some people bust their ass to do important things and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

For instance….

My friend, Shelley Boston. She was the foundation to the Central Alberta Slave Lake Drive. She worked around the clock, on the phone, back and forth with Slave Lake personnel, lining up truckers to take 5 semi loads of donations to Athabasca, assigning people to roles of responsibility – namely Jordana and Tom Simms. This was effin HUGE. HUGE. Did people like the Mayor of our city or the local newspaper acknowledge this effort like it should have been? nope. They were thanked in the House of Commons, but apparently this is not local news worthy. Disappointing to say the least. Yes this is old news now, but it still irritates me.


Shelley Boston. Organized a bottle tab drive for the Ronald McDonald House of Central Alberta. People from Red Deer to Drumheller participated…collecting their tabs for RMH just because. Just because Shelley asked them to. Any acknowledgement for this effort? nope.


Shelley Boston. She single handedly created and organized the first Canadian Blood Services tweet up in Red Deer. People came out to give blood who have never donated before. Everyone who attended hashtagged #itsinyoutogive AWESOME RESPONSE. Now? Because of this crazy cool idea, Canadian Blood Services is now holding a cross-country tweet up event. CROSS COUNTRY! WOW!

I sure hope she gets recognized as the person who came up with this epic idea. hint. hint.

Will Shelley or Al stop doing these important things? No. Because they aren’t out for praise, compliments or recognition. But I’m out to get it for them. Because they DESERVE IT and it frustrates me they don’t get it.

Maybe it’s time to start recognizing the little guys. The individuals who bust their ass to make a difference in this crazy world just because it’s the right thing to do, not to advance their career or pad their wallets, but because they want to make positive change.

Support local? Let’s see it Red Deer. Supporting local doesn’t mean just our downtown businesses, it means supporting our friends, neighbours, colleagues, families when they are out trying to do the very things that impact our citizens, that may include you some day.

Walk the talk.

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  1. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    Brenda, I think you totally hit the nail on the head. There are SO many wonderful people in our community doing things every day to help one another. Let’s face it, if we did, the world would be a better place!


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