Things I think about while I’m on hold….

You know what I can’t wrap my head around – people who get worked up over twitter follows or facebook friends.

Do I care if someone unfollowed me on Twitter or unfriended me on Facebook?

Um…NO! 99% of the time I wouldn’t even notice. (How DO people know the second you unfollow and WHY are they keeping track?)

Do I care if they unfollowed or unfriended me due to a business failure of mine? YES! But I can only assume they would share what the problem is so I could fix it.

Last I checked…we are free to follow and unfollow whomever we choose. In case it needs to be said: You are not at all obligated to follow me on twitter or be my facebook friend. Be free little bird.

You be the judge. You like what I put out there – follow me. You don’t? Fair enough, we are not all compatible or enjoy the same sense of humour. I get that. Things like that don’t faze me because I’m not 18 years old anymore. I just look it.

ok…was that too far?


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  1. Penny
    Penny says:

    No, too much of people’s ego is so tied in how many Facebook friends or twitter followers they have. And really, how much time do you spend with these people or have in common with your “followers”. Both are great tools for buisness or staying in touch with family or friends. But life does actually happen outside of both. Go enjoy it, and don’t worry about who is following who. 😉


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