Superstitious? or just plain Weird?

I’ve noticed lately I have some weird habits…superstitions…whatever you want to call it.

For instance…

I HAVE to be on the right side of the studio for yoga or my practise sucks. and I feel anxious. and have a hard time just being present.

I HAVE to be on the left side of the movie theatre or I don’t enjoy the experience as much.

At a pool and beach, I prefer to be on the left side. As in REALLY REALLY prefer.

At the gym, I always liked to be on the left side.

Do you have weird habits? TELL ME THEM!

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  1. Cheryl T
    Cheryl T says:

    My toilet paper needs to be over – not under. I’m obsessive about this – and if someone wants to tick me off, all they have to do is switch the rolls to under in my house. I’ve also been known to try and convert others by switching their rolls 😉

  2. Rhonda (@rhonnybaby)
    Rhonda (@rhonnybaby) says:

    Weird habits? I have quite a few!:

    1) I always have to walk on the right side of aisles in stores, or in hallways. If I have to go to the other side because of an inconsiderate person, I tend to mutter “Rules of the road, people!” 2) I definitely prefer sitting in a seat that backs against a wall when in a restaurant, bar, etc. I have issues with people standing directly behind me when I’m sitting. 3) My movies have to be shelved in alphabetical order, and if I have more than 5 books by any particular author, they have to be in order of when they were written, unless they are part of a series (ie: my Gunslinger books by Stephen King are together, at the end of all of my Stephen King books) The spices in my spice drawers also have to be in alphabetical order. 4) When making my shopping list for groceries, it has to be rewritten just before I leave, so that the list order matches my route through the store. 5) When making a long Twitter post, it drives me crazy to not leave 2 spaces after the period at the end of a sentence. (Damn 140 character limit!)

    Oh, and the toilet paper has to be over in my house, as well, and it drives me crazy if I have to put it on the other way at somebody else’s house, but I leave it the way they want.

    I know that I have many more, but those are ones that come to mind right away for me.


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