Sometimes my weirdness turns out pretty awesome

So..this past weekend a family stayed with us we’ve never met. By never met…I mean in person – I’d talked with her a LOT and seen pictures of her family growing up over the past 8 years. EIGHT YEARS! Amy and I met 8 years ago when a group of us blogged on MSN Spaces. Since then…after Spaces retired, we’ve kept up with one another through facebook.

She’d posted she was planning holidays to Drumheller and West Ed, I saw it and immediately demanded STAY WITH US! Her and her 3 kids did! What a FANTASTIC weekend! We played games, went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Centrefest, had a campfire and caught some belly dancing at It’s All Greek to Me.

Every night my husband would ask…”Seriously, no surprises? She’s what you thought?” Nope, no surprises. No awkward moments. No OMG WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE! It was like having an old friend here to catch up with. The ONLY thing I was surprised by was her voice, because I’d never heard it before. She said mine was bang on to what she expected. I guess she just knew I’d have a high pitched whiney voice 😉

So…REAL relationships CAN be built online, just sayin 😉

Thanks for coming Amy, we had a great time with your family!

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  1. Becky @
    Becky @ says:

    One of my best friends I met online. We’d chatted on the message board for our favorite band, which led into emailing back and forth, which led to me driving to Fort Sask to pick her up and bring her to RD for my 18th birthday (she didn’t drive). It wasn’t until I was on her doorstep that I realized we hadn’t actually met in real life, but we knew everything about each other and the whole trip back was like we had been friends all along.

    Glad you had a similar experience!


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