Sharing the Road with Cyclists. Teach me.

Do NOT rip me a new one for posting this.

I hate cyclists on the streets.

WHY? Because I have no freakin clue how to treat them! I took Drivers Ed a bazillion years ago and I grew up in the country. No one was riding their bikes in the city and if they were, they were on the side walks.

I get that it’s a GOOD thing that people are riding their bikes more. I get the impact that has on our environment.

But give us some education?

  • Are cyclists to obey the same rules as a car?
  • When they hug the right of the lane is that an invitation to pass them? Because when I do…two seconds later they are at the lights with me and I have to do it again.
  • Do I have to switch lanes to pass?
  • Are they allowed in any lane?
  • Is there some sort of “keep up or get off” directive?


I will share. I’m kind of good at sharing. But I need to understand the rules. Until then, I’m annoyed.



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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Bikes, as far as I know, are considered a vehicle. They are not supposed to be on as sideWALK and are apparently allowed to be in any lane a car is in.. turning lanes and all. Some cyclists choose to be both vehicle and pedestrian. Can’t be both.

  2. Robin
    Robin says:

    Bicycles are vehicles. Cyclists do have the right to ride down the middle of a lane like a car. We always do that if on the road with our kids in the trailer as we don’t want to be passed. We are on our way to a bike path very shortly and want to be very visible to anyone sharing the road with us. If I pull to the right, pass me when safe.h

  3. Paul Harris (@harris4rd)
    Paul Harris (@harris4rd) says:

    Thanks Brenda for this discussion. It’s going to be a bit of a learning curve for everyone in the city as cycling becomes more and more common. What is one very good thing about human nature is that when we are a bit uncertain as drivers we all tend to be a bit more cautious and that actually leads to safer streets. Implementation will be tricky but it’s likely to be quite safe too. I’ve been riding in the new bike lanes, and I sure feel much much safer than when I used to drive in the traffic. It’s going to be good in the end. I promise. Thanks for sharing your blog. Paul Harris

  4. Ken Devoe
    Ken Devoe says:

    Good post Brenda, I think you speak for a lot of Red Deer when you say “I have no freakin clue how to treat them” but I think cyclist are also learning. I live in Deer Park and love the 39th street ones but I’m confused by the 40th ave one. Seems like it going to be a cluster. Good job here Brenda

    Ken Devoe


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