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Have you ever thought about turning points in your life? When one decision, one way in which someone reacted, one right turn, and you were just set in a different direction?

I think about that. A lot.

Tonight I went to Red Deer Hot Yoga and walked in to see my old boss from my days at Willy’s Hamburgers (which I talked about here, if you’re interested ;)) Selma & Dave were wicked bosses. We worked hard, they treated us with respect. Always. Fantastic people.

After a couple years of working there, I decided I wanted to go back to College. For real this time. Not the boozing, fun every night, party til you run out of cash college. But the REAL college where you learn and stuff. They were not only supportive and understanding, but they took actions that went above and beyond and set my whole world in a different direction. They set me up for success.

Did I tell her that tonight? No…because I’m a PANSY. But I promise I will next time I see her. If someone impacts your life, tell them. Don’t be a pansy like me.

I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth repeating…

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  1. goodbyemymuffintop
    goodbyemymuffintop says:

    Give, and you shall receive. Do you love hearing compliments? Duh?..YAH! I love sending random notes to people that have touched my life…including high school teachers (corny, I know). So well received though and a “Thank You” that just warms the heart! Great post Brenda!


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