Impressive Use of Social Media – Facebook

I See Fit People

If you don’t follow them on facebook, you should. These people have facebook conquered. Truly impressive. I go to their facebook page every day. E V E R Y day. Whether it’s a post thanking Baby Jesus for coffee or one telling you to get your ass out there and run, there is always something to amuse me or make me think. Or motivate me.

Why are they a success at engaging over 8,000 people on their facebook page? They talk to YOU. DAILY. Every single day. They post motivation. recipes. struggles. encouragement. fears. and mostly, support. Wendy, Matt or Rachelle ALWAYS comment back if you post on their wall. ALWAYS. They answer questions, always keep the communication open. They draw you in, you feel a part of what they are doing. You want to see them succeed and you want to support them back. Amazing relationship they’ve built with their readers.

If you want to learn from the masters how to manage a business page, watch these guys. They got it. Click here, like them, and learn.

Thanks Matt, Wendy, and Rachelle for teaching me a thing or two, or 200 😉

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