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Come on you guys. Can’t we all jump Facebook ship and sail over to Google +? Leave the drama mamas at facebook, the “I need a cow for my non-existant pasture for this incredibley annoying game I’m playing” people there and get to Google?

I’m optimistic. Google + is still new. I like that it is all information, less fluff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m queen of fluff, but I like having a forum that isn’t. Maybe it’s just the circles I’m in there…people post WAY different stuff there than on facebook. Stuff I can learn from. Totally different following there than on facebook. I like that.

Linked In? pfffft. Still not seeing the benefit of that one, but Google + has great potential. Get there. Find me. Let’s be plus-ers. or whatever.

ME ON GOOGLE+  Brenda Sargeant

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