Working for yourself is the shit. WHY did no one tell me this before??? I LOVE my job. Creating a platform for local businesses to show their goods is a huge honour and each time I’m given it, I’m more excited about this path.

Yesterday I met with a potential Client and we were discussing our previous jobs and the lack of fulfillment that comes over time. We both jumped ship and made major changes to our worlds so we could follow our passion – for ourselves, and for our families.

I thought about it probably a year. My old job paid well, they were crazy flexible around my schedule, my boss was awesome, my co-workers were my friends, and I knew it inside and out. Easy peasy. BUT I felt like I was in a coma! No BS! It was I was in a fog while I was there, just not feeling it at all, stopped caring about going above and beyond and just plugged away. That is NOT me. I have to care, I have to work hard, I have to impress. I have to learn. I have to be challenged.

If you’ve had enough, are bored senseless and have a goal you want to pursue. DO IT! Yes, your life will be crazytown until things settle (they do eventually settle right?) but it will be SOOOOO worth it. And being scared again makes you feel alive 🙂


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