Cilantro & Chive

Tonight I’m going on a date!!! Don’t get too excited, it’s with my husband. bahahahah! kidding!

We are going to Cilantro & Chive. One of my first Clients. Here’s the thing with me, I tend to get attached to people. Not stalker attached, but attached. Since meeting Rieley and Kim I just liked them. We have mutual friends but we never knew one another until they hired me to build them a website. Starting a new business is crazy exciting, and when I went to check out their digs during their set-up, you could feel the anticipation. awesome. I love that feeling.

Since then, I went to their Grand Opening night with 2 of my good friends. I was nervous for them, I wanted to love their restaurant. YES!! I did!! YAY!! Food was wicked good, service was awesome, and it was just all in all a feeling of “I know these guys are gonna rock it”. Huge props to them for taking their successful catering company and turning it into a ballin’ restaurant. (ballin’ is Rieley’s word, I had to use it at least once)

Don’t be afraid to hire me. I won’t creepy attach to will be a from afar admiration. promise 😉

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