What I Know This Week

What a week…shit sandwiches being served up everywhere I turned. Luckily, I don’t DO shit sandwiches so I’ll be fine.

  • Mowing the lawn gives me a crazy sense of peace and accomplishment, I need more lawn.
  • Having your almost 4 year old tell you that you are cute is flattering, even if he tells his stuffy the same thing.
  • The people at the Ronald McDonald House are super nice, not annoying fake pretend nice, but sincerely, look you in the eye real nice. The best kind.
  • I’m tough. Not punch you in the throat tough, but mentally tough.
  • My feet are disgusting and I think someone should give me a pedicure without talking to me or looking me in the eye.
  • I’m goosebump teary-eyed proud of Crystal, Amanda, Diana, and Shannon for killing the Woody’s FULL and half marathon today. You guys are mental.
  • This week is going to be rewarding…launching 1, maybe 2 sites!

What do you know? Good week or shit sandwich?

Awesome is Calling…ANSWER IT!

Needless to say, when Shelley Boston told me she was talking with Scott Stratten about coming to Red Deer, I was inappropriately giddy. This is not only huge for a nerd like me, this is huge for Red Deer. This national best-selling author of UnMarketing, this guy that is ranked one of the top twitter influencers in the WORLD, is coming here. HERE! And I get to meet him. Unbelievably AWESOME.

November 1st, for a half day seminar – UNAWESOME IS UNACCEPTABLE – where we get to pick his brain about all things social media and marketing. And this will not be a blow smoke up your butt or put you to sleep seminar – Scott tells it like it is – no bullshit, straight up solutions and advice to how to market your business on social media. Oh, AND we all get signed copies of his new book coming out later this year too – The Book of Business Awesome.

If you own any business – small local business, home-based, large corporation, charitable organization – anything, this guy can teach you how to market it the RIGHT way from how to address complaints, how to re-recruit your employees, how to re-court your customers, to how to avoid trainwrecks.

And if there are still some of you out there that are non-social media fans? Well firstly…WAKE UP, IT’S 2012!!!! Like it or not, it’s how to reach people. If you don’t adopt it now, you are missing out on a huge market. What better way to start then to learn from the best?  He gets 60,000,000 hits on his client videos. SIXTY MILLION PEOPLE!

Tickets went on sale Monday, this is his ONLY Alberta stop this fall and tickets are going quick. I don’t want you to miss it. Be Awesome. Be there.

My all time favourite words from Scott? There is no such thing as tweeting too much.

Amen brotha.

Ronald McDonald House

I’m not going to lie, this past year I’ve felt inundated with charitable donation requests, events and fundraisers. It’s tough, you want to support them all; the ones that are marketed in such a way that it’s fun to participate, the ones that affect your friends and family, and the international programs that tug at your heartstrings, and of course the ones that involve a sweet wide eyed kid on your doorstep.

You can’t possibly do it all, so you choose what feels right.

The Ronald McDonald House feels right for me. When Larry Mathieson started tweeting about its construction probably a year ago I felt excited. I’ve had friends who have used these facilities in other cities and thought wow, this is so awesome for Red Deer. No, this is HUGE for Red Deer. Not only that, but Larry struck me as an honest, sincere, caring man that I trusted. (relationships built on twitter people, i can’t say enough!)

So when Angie asked me if I wanted to join her in taking the Orientation so that we can go in to the House and prepare meals for families there I was IN. What a great way to help. In my world food is comfort (yes I know Trainers, but it is!) and if we can provide home cooked meals to these families that are under insane stress and give them even a tiny bit of comfort in their day, count me in.

Can’t wait to get started!!

The Right Way to Market

I had an experience a week or so ago that I HAVE to share. Why? Because it’s IMPRESSIVE, and smart, and should be shared.

I saw a tweet from Dan Ouwehand…I can’t remember what it was now (sorry Dan!) but it had something about Laebon Homes in it. I didn’t hesitate to tweet that Laebon built my first home & the experience was great. I was a young single girl, no idea what the hell I was doing or what I wanted, just knew I wanted a home that looked good and wasn’t going to require maintenance that I couldn’t afford.

From the Sales Guy to my Project Manager, every one of them treated me with respect, like I was as equal as a family of 10 walking in the door. I think that’s huge, and over the past 11 years, I’ve shared that story a million times.

Point of my story…not even 10 minutes after I tweeted that? An email from Laebon’s marketing department, thanking me and asking me to come by and pick up an Earl’s GC they had for me in thanks for my ongoing support.


There is nothing unawesome about that. THAT people is how it’s done. What review would you rather hear? Which review would you trust? One that was prompted or paid for, or a genuine unprompted one?

I know which one I’d choose. Lesson here? Reward those who promote you because they love your product. Those people are your billboards.

Thank you once again Laebon Homes for being awesome.

What I Know This Week

  • Sometimes, SOMETIMES, my husband is right. I need more Vitamin D, being outside all day was a refreshing kickstart for my brain.
  • Getting more and more opportunities to work with non-profits makes me giddy. GIDDY.
  • I want someone to ask me about Ghana so I can relive it in stories.
  • I spent last night learning a LOT about Google Analytics & Google in general. That seriously excites this nerd.
  • It’s important to teach your child the correct name for their genitalia from Day 1 or hotdog eating is traumatic.
  • right before I’m finished a website, I get stumped on something and it makes me crazytown, then WHAM, there’s the answer. EVERY TIME.
  • I love Red Deer.

So, what do you got? Learn anything?

My job

Today I got the BEST email from a Client. Whenever I get to review stage, it scares the shit out of me. I’m pretty sure I stop breathing when I first open the review email. Yes, I’m happy with it, but what if they hate it? The old fear of rejection. I kind of always think I’m not quitting until I love it, so they gotta love it!

Umm. That’s not true. Turns out not everybody loves what I love. Who knew? CRAZY EH?

Anyway, back to happy, lovin me…

Email opened with “Love it!”

Insert humongous sigh of relief. Now I can’t wait to finish it and show it off. It rocks so be ready 😛

What I Know This Week

  • Worrying saps my energy.
  • I’m OKAY at doing Landing Pages.
  • My kid says things now that I never taught him. Throws me off.
  • Keeping business & friendship separate is important stuff.
  • Cancers sucks.
  • My jackets says “2 Guys, 2 Trucks, 2 Bucks”. It means you should hire 222 Concrete and stop asking me what it’s supposed to mean.
  • You shouldn’t wear silky gaunch with your workout pants or they WILL fall off.
  • I’m better this week than I was last 🙂

And most importantly, THESE are the words to “You are my Sunshine”. Every night I sing it to Jack, and every night I hum through 2 lines, NOW I’ve learnt them:

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cried.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

WHY do I sing my kid this sad song every single night???

….SO…what do you know this week?



I grew up totally engrossed in a small town community. We lived 2 minutes from Munson. Go google it….

You back? ya, small eh? I have a LOT of awesome memories from that little village. It was the meeting  place. Where we played baseball, where we went to church, where we went to our church group thingies, where we had pancake breakfasts, turkey suppers, wedding & baby showers, and homecomings. And where you had your first kiss in a culvert.

Growing up in a small town community is AWESOME. It’s like an outside family. I am still connected to that community and always will be. I’m grateful for that little world where everybody knows everybody.

My only fear is that some of them may still have this photo lying around.

I’m the “boy” on the left.

Opinions. Like an onion with pi.

Dumbest blog title ever eh? bahhahaha!

Lots in my big brain today. Yes, BIG brain.

Sometimes I sit back. Keep my mouth shut. Most the time I don’t.

It physically hurts when I keep it shut, feels like an injustice to me. Like WHY am I suppressing what I think when they aren’t suppressing what they think? I’ve been that way since I was a wee wannstrom, which is why I fought with my dad a lot. If he was saying something I didn’t agree with, I HAD to tell him!

I’m entitled to my opinions as much as the next guy. My opinion may not be popular, but it’s mine and I can’t warp it to fit anybody else’s. Trust me, I’ve tried. Turns out I was born with this and there is no changing it.

So, I’m sorry if I offend any of you with my opinion, it’s not meant to offend, it’s meant to express how I feel, nothing else.

It’s how I roll. I roll funny and without brakes.

On a totally related note, this non-voter WILL be voting this election.