The internet doesn’t raise good kids. You do.

I feel inundated with posts in my Facebook feed and on twitter like this…

“7 ways you suck at parenting”

“Don’t let your kid use electronics until they are 10”

“12 things your kid should know to succeed at life”


First off…I realize I need to unfollow Huffington Post..they are like the CNN of the internet.

Secondly…lets stop looking to the internet…to social media in particular for approval and justification for everything we do. Please? Just stop. As parents we are all just doing what we know best for our kids. That NEVER looks the same as the next parent. Stop comparing, there are no judgments. I’m starting to think it’s these very articles that are making people think there is all this judgment? Do what you know best for your kids…and when you know better, do better. I truly can not think of a single person I know who sucks at parenting…and yet none of us do it the same.

At 4 years old, my kid watched YouTube videos on his tablet for hours at a time (YES HE HAD A TABLET AT 4 years old!) and guess what? AT 5, he spends HOURS making books about dinosaurs, maps of the world, African animals, and doctor’s instruments.

At 3 years old, my kid watched Thomas the Train videos for hours at a time. And guess what? At 5, he spends hours watching documentaries on Dinosaurs and devouring the globe to learn about every country in the world.

I didn’t wreck him. TV, electronics, not explaining something a particular way, letting your kid do one thing and not another will not wreck him/her. All you need to do is love the crap out of them and respect their individuality to do things their own way.

You are doing fine. Ignore the chatter.


Customer Service MATTERS!

Last week I was feeling meh. Solution? Shopping.

I started at muse clothing. If you haven’t been…go. Like RIGHT NOW. Awesome selection of clothes that aren’t the same old stuff you see in every second store. The owner, Michelle was there and was super helpful and friendly.

I wanted to give her my money. I felt connected, even a little invested.

Next…I went to Best Buy to purchase a new laptop. I won’t go in to details, but within minutes I had told my salesman I had to walk away because he was irritating the shit out of me…mature, I know, but I was fuming. The new guy sent to help me was fabulous and within minutes, we had decided what fit my needs and I purchased it AND a warranty.

He gave me the interest, the knowledge, and the connection I needed.

Next…GAP at the mall. I had 2 bags in my hands and about 4 items on hangers. I asked the girl for a change room so I could look more. She looked at me…my full hands and responded “They’re at the back”. Geez, thanks. I later heard her tell another shopper that she was actually going on lunch so she couldn’t help her. BRUTAL. Luckily the other girl was super sweet there and smoothed things over.

Customer Service MATTERS.

If you don’t give it, someone else will. We are inundated with options these days…we don’t NEED you. You should feel like you need us…because don’t you?

I think that is where a lot of small businesses rise to the top. A lot of the time, it’s the owner behind the counter or wiping the table. They care.

They cared enough to venture into this crazy world of starting or running a small business, they certainly care whether or not what they have risked so much to bring you…is delivering.

Walk the Talk Red Deer

Sometimes I just can’t figure stuff out. And then I stew over it. And then I write a blog post to air it out 😉

Things I don’t get…

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