Best Day in the History of the World

Don’t get all judgy…yes, the birth of my child and my wedding day all come first.

There..now on with my post 😀

November 1st was a total wicked day for me. Despite the fact it started before 8am. Red Deer launched Social Media Breakfast which is a networking group that meets once a month over breakfast. The premise is to have a speaker or 2 and then network. It was fantastic. Great turnout and I was thrilled to see it wasn’t the regular twitter diehards there, but a ton of new people. A W E S O M E. Again, despite the fact this group meets for breakfast at 8am (who does that?) I think it’s something I’m going to dig. Follow them on twitter @SMBRedDeer for the latest. Cool Beans Bus & I are sponsoring the next one on December 20th so you might want to come 😛

Then….Scott Stratten.

Those who know me, know I have somewhat of a brain crush on Scott Stratten. He wrote the book UnMarketing which I LOVED and he’s just a no bullshit, calls businesses/people out on what we all want to, and he’s freakin hilarious. The guy is awesome. Covers marketing, to social media, to how to be awesome at customer service. He did a 3.5 hour seminar that felt like 20 minutes. Fantastic. Again, met a whole new group of awesome people with brains that intrigue me…the network grows. This makes me happy.

The point of this post is…When I tell you something wicked is coming to Red Deer, I’m going to need you to listen from here on out.

p.s. He hugged me. twice. Take that Oprah fans…she’s not going to hug you even once. I win.

It’s okay to be jealous 😉




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