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Goat’s Stomach

My dad had surgery for a hernia when I was probably 4 or 5 years old. It left a HUGE scar on his belly. He always told us kids that he had to have part of his stomach removed and they replaced it with a goat’s stomach. He was dead serious and stuck to his […]


Mentor Men·tor – noun 1. a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. 2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter. I have a really fabulous mentor. A fellow nerd if you will. He has given me a wealth of info coming from a place of experience, knowledge and understanding. Love that I have someone in the industry that knows their shit and freely gives it to me in exchange […]

Tweet Tweet!

The first of probably 10 million blog posts about twitter. Two things you NEED if you are a small business: A website! I happen to know an affordable website designer that can hook you up TWITTER! When I first thought about starting a web design business, I thought I’d offer Twitter 101 to my clients […]


Here’s where the magic is going to happen. OK, not really. But I am excited to start blogging again! I was a hardcore, faithful, every day blogger about 5 years ago and then just petered out…I miss it. A LOT. What am I going to blog about? Guess you’ll have to stay tuned in to […]