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My site sucks, can you fix it?

Turns out your aunt’s second cousin twice removed didn’t really come through on whipping you up a professional website and you’re already $1,000 in. gulp. Time to cut your losses and get someone to take it and make it the beautiful online presence you envisioned. Surely this wasn’t a complete waste of dollar bills. Here’s […]

The lonely entrepreneur

When you need help but don’t want anyone to know you need help. Does that sound familiar to you? Why we struggle with this is really soooo ego eh? When I started my business almost 9 years ago I was so closed off. Had 5,243, 242 questions but didn’t want anyone to know I didn’t […]

How much is this going to cost me?

How much is this going to cost me? Straight to the awkward question, because awkward is what I do best. Unlimited BS works with small to mid-sized businesses and non profits – starting up to scaling your business. I chose that niche because I LOVE the enthusiasm of new ventures and the excitement of taking […]

Why I unfollowed over 1,000 people on Twitter

First off, I realize how ridiculous that number is. WHY do I even follow that many people and then some? HOLY.  I absolutely do not need to hear from over 3,000 people on the daily. So I sat down and unfollowed so much I couldn’t stop. How did following 3,500 people happen? I was obsessed with […]