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Your People

Thinking about entrepreneurship? Who are your people? YOU NEED PEOPLE. Starting out people. Cheerleader people. Hard truth people. Search them all out, you’re going to need them. Starting out people…. this one’s a bit scary. There’s trust, insecurity, and doubt issues. You’re fragile. You need people who can give you advice, maybe an inside look at what […]

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Hiring a virtual assistant is the absolute bomb for an entrepreneur. THE BOMB. I had always thought I needed to find a web designer to help me handle my workload. I was wrong. On some random internet scrolling into the abyss, I came across a post […]

You have your website, now what?

YAY!!! We launched your site! Watch the site visitors and clients come rolling in! Slow down cowboy. Launching a site does not automatically generate site visitors….I mean really, yesterday you weren’t on the internet and ping – all your potential customers get a notification you are now? Sorry friends, as wonderful as that would be, […]

Make more money

The only way to make more money is to print it. Ok, that’s counterfeiting…stay with me here. After years of working by myself and never taking the time to sit down and write out EVERY STEP of what I do, I finally did it. EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. My entire process, every single action no matter […]

How to hire a web designer

Here’s the problem with hiring a web designer. Most people don’t know what questions to ask and whether or not they are comparing apples to apples, or apples to tomatoes. Because tomatoes are the most confusing fruit ever…RIGHT?! You need to know what they are building it in – WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace? You […]

My site sucks, can you fix it?

Turns out your aunt’s second cousin twice removed didn’t really come through on whipping you up a professional website and you’re already $1,000 in. gulp. Time to cut your losses and get someone to take it and make it the beautiful online presence you envisioned. Surely this wasn’t a complete waste of dollar bills. Here’s […]

The lonely entrepreneur

When you need help but don’t want anyone to know you need help. Does that sound familiar to you? Why we struggle with this is really soooo ego eh? When I started my business almost 9 years ago I was so closed off. Had 5,243, 242 questions but didn’t want anyone to know I didn’t […]