Angry Birds & Hot Yoga

Ok…couple weeks into Hot Yoga and I had the BEST practise on Saturday! (practise…see? I’m doing yoga-speak already) Getting familiar with all the moves and it feels sooooo good. My body is acclimatized to the heat so I don’t even feel like my head is going to explode in to a million pieces any more. Love, love, love the hot yoga.

Still working on the calming of the mind part. Being present in the moment. WOW my brain is busy! Sadly, not always with productive awesomeness. For instance. Yogi says…now just imagine all those troubles, anything that is bothering you right now just rolling off your back. What immediately flashes through my mind?

Angry Birds.

Angry birds rolling off my back and exploding.

And this my friends, is yet another reason why it’s fun to be me.

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