What I Know this Week

My week’s random thoughts.

  • Don’t try something once and not try it again. Kettlebells is wicked, glad I gave it a second chance. But running? Running DOES suck, I’ve given it multiple chances.
  • If you are selling a product, hire a photographer for your key product shots you are putting on your website. PLEASE. sooooo worth it.
  • If this fuzz flying around doesn’t go away soon, I WILL chop my face off.
  • The twitter machine broke yesterday and I’m pretty sure I had an aneurysm of some form
  • I’m crazy excited about some new sites I get to start on next week!! WHOOP!!!!
  • That whole “grass is greener on the other side” thing is bullshit. It’s not. I’m going to make my own grass green, by watering the shit out of it.

What do you know this week?