Pity Parties don’t have Balloons

Not gonna lie, I spent pretty much the entire weekend feeling sorry for myself. Crying or pouting. Full out crazytown.

I’ve had asthma since I was 16 and it has NEVER caused me grief. ever.

Until the last 2 years – gradually worse and worse to where I’m at now, at least 1 hour (usually upwards of 3) every damn day where I am wheezy and can’t even move my leg up a stair without feeling out of breath. SO FRUSTRATING. So, so frustrating.

So I spent pretty much every minute thinking about how bad it sucks, how unfair it is, and how tired I am of trying to be healthy when I still can’t walk up the stairs without needing to stop and catch my breath. I’m 38 for Christ’s sake, this is ridiculous.

Today, I woke up happy, driven, and accepting. It is what it is, I just have to keep plugging away and not let it take my happiness away along with my breath. It’s not forever…something has to give and feeling sorry for myself certainly isn’t going to bring a solution any faster.

I finally have a doctor who genuinely cares, a Lung Specialist, and he is on a mission to find the solution, or at the very least, the cause. I love him. LOVE him. (in a totally acceptable married lady way). So, we’ll get there. It’s just going to take time and ruling out one thing at a time.

I have time. And I’m gonna be as full as piss and vinegar as I can be in that time.

So there.

My job

Today I got the BEST email from a Client. Whenever I get to review stage, it scares the shit out of me. I’m pretty sure I stop breathing when I first open the review email. Yes, I’m happy with it, but what if they hate it? The old fear of rejection. I kind of always think I’m not quitting until I love it, so they gotta love it!

Umm. That’s not true. Turns out not everybody loves what I love. Who knew? CRAZY EH?

Anyway, back to happy, lovin me…

Email opened with “Love it!”

Insert humongous sigh of relief. Now I can’t wait to finish it and show it off. It rocks so be ready 😛

What I Know This Week

  • Worrying saps my energy.
  • I’m OKAY at doing Landing Pages.
  • My kid says things now that I never taught him. Throws me off.
  • Keeping business & friendship separate is important stuff.
  • Cancers sucks.
  • My jackets says “2 Guys, 2 Trucks, 2 Bucks”. It means you should hire 222 Concrete and stop asking me what it’s supposed to mean.
  • You shouldn’t wear silky gaunch with your workout pants or they WILL fall off.
  • I’m better this week than I was last 🙂

And most importantly, THESE are the words to “You are my Sunshine”. Every night I sing it to Jack, and every night I hum through 2 lines, NOW I’ve learnt them:

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cried.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

WHY do I sing my kid this sad song every single night???

….SO…what do you know this week?



I grew up totally engrossed in a small town community. We lived 2 minutes from Munson. Go google it….

You back? ya, small eh? I have a LOT of awesome memories from that little village. It was the meeting  place. Where we played baseball, where we went to church, where we went to our church group thingies, where we had pancake breakfasts, turkey suppers, wedding & baby showers, and homecomings. And where you had your first kiss in a culvert.

Growing up in a small town community is AWESOME. It’s like an outside family. I am still connected to that community and always will be. I’m grateful for that little world where everybody knows everybody.

My only fear is that some of them may still have this photo lying around.

I’m the “boy” on the left.

Opinions. Like an onion with pi.

Dumbest blog title ever eh? bahhahaha!

Lots in my big brain today. Yes, BIG brain.

Sometimes I sit back. Keep my mouth shut. Most the time I don’t.

It physically hurts when I keep it shut, feels like an injustice to me. Like WHY am I suppressing what I think when they aren’t suppressing what they think? I’ve been that way since I was a wee wannstrom, which is why I fought with my dad a lot. If he was saying something I didn’t agree with, I HAD to tell him!

I’m entitled to my opinions as much as the next guy. My opinion may not be popular, but it’s mine and I can’t warp it to fit anybody else’s. Trust me, I’ve tried. Turns out I was born with this and there is no changing it.

So, I’m sorry if I offend any of you with my opinion, it’s not meant to offend, it’s meant to express how I feel, nothing else.

It’s how I roll. I roll funny and without brakes.

On a totally related note, this non-voter WILL be voting this election.

You CAN do it

If you want to.

Want to go on holidays? Save your money.

Don’t have money to save? Take on a part time job. Save the money from it.

Want to be debt free? Change your lifestyle. Live smaller. Plan. One birthday my goal was to pay off all my debt (other than mortgage of course!) All year I cut back. I made payments no matter what came up. By my next birthday? SUCCESS!! Frickin awesome feeling.

Cut back. Don’t eat out. Don’t take on more debt. Cut back, cut back, cut back. Shop at Value Village (not even kidding, I’ve scored good stuff there). Plan. I am SO far from being good with my money, but I know that if you want it, you are the only one stopping yourself from getting it.

When I was 27 I built a house. BY MY SELF. I had just started a new job. I was single. It was HARD. It was one of the only strong gut feelings I’ve ever had in my life and I couldn’t ignore it even though I felt like I couldn’t afford it.

I COULD afford it. I just had to make a whole lot of changes. I worked FT plus overtime when I could get it and took on a PT job in the evenings, for 3 years. I struggled to make mortgage payments the first 3 years. Sometimes that meant an impromptu garage sale to make a quick buck so I could make my payment and sometimes it meant just staying home. Reading a book or watching one of my 2 channels. Cutting back.

Was it worth it?


There is always circumstances. For everyone. No one is immune. If you think you are an exception, you’re wrong. Sorry, but you are.

My point is if you put in the hours, you CAN make things happen. It won’t happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile ever does. For anyone.

Maybe it’s just that you REALLY don’t want it. Undecided? Flip a coin, once it’s in the air you’ll know what you’re hoping to see 😉


Firstly I have to reiterate how much I hate the term “Tweet-Up”. ya, ya, I get it. It’s when twitter peeps meet up. I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense, I’m saying it sounds so lame I can’t even say it without blushing.

I can’t bring myself to attend a Tweet-Up. IT FREAKS THE LIVING SH#T OUT OF ME?!!! I have the best of intentions every time I hear about one. But consciously, and sometimes subconsciously it seems, something always comes up so I can’t make it. It seems SO awkward to me. Like I’m 4 years old again and just will run and hide in a closet or clam up so what’s the point anyway?

I feel like I’ll blow my cover. The cover of @BrendaSarg. How ridiculous.

I love twitter. I love the banter. I love the advice. I love the people. I love the debates. I love the laughs. What if in person it doesn’t live up to that? Maybe if we had a speak in 140 characters or less tweet-up? I’d totally be into that.

Seriously, who worries about shit like this? Tweet-Up Anxiety. My parents must be proud.

Impressive Use of Social Media – Facebook

I See Fit People

If you don’t follow them on facebook, you should. These people have facebook conquered. Truly impressive. I go to their facebook page every day. E V E R Y day. Whether it’s a post thanking Baby Jesus for coffee or one telling you to get your ass out there and run, there is always something to amuse me or make me think. Or motivate me.

Why are they a success at engaging over 8,000 people on their facebook page? They talk to YOU. DAILY. Every single day. They post motivation. recipes. struggles. encouragement. fears. and mostly, support. Wendy, Matt or Rachelle ALWAYS comment back if you post on their wall. ALWAYS. They answer questions, always keep the communication open. They draw you in, you feel a part of what they are doing. You want to see them succeed and you want to support them back. Amazing relationship they’ve built with their readers.

If you want to learn from the masters how to manage a business page, watch these guys. They got it. Click here, like them, and learn.

Thanks Matt, Wendy, and Rachelle for teaching me a thing or two, or 200 😉

Google +

Come on you guys. Can’t we all jump Facebook ship and sail over to Google +? Leave the drama mamas at facebook, the “I need a cow for my non-existant pasture for this incredibley annoying game I’m playing” people there and get to Google?

I’m optimistic. Google + is still new. I like that it is all information, less fluff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m queen of fluff, but I like having a forum that isn’t. Maybe it’s just the circles I’m in there…people post WAY different stuff there than on facebook. Stuff I can learn from. Totally different following there than on facebook. I like that.

Linked In? pfffft. Still not seeing the benefit of that one, but Google + has great potential. Get there. Find me. Let’s be plus-ers. or whatever.

ME ON GOOGLE+  Brenda Sargeant